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Called vitamin, that can protect from vertigo

Назван витамин, спасающий от головокружения

Scientists in South Korea have discovered a way of getting rid of vertigo.

The results of a study on benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (DPPG).

As the article reads, researchers examined data on 957 as suffering from the dizziness of the patients who received physiotherapy treatment.

The patients were divided into two groups, the first were given vitamin D and calcium twice a dayand the second placebo.

The result was that the volunteers from the first group decreased the frequency of attacks of dizziness by 24%.

According to the researchers, this is a very good result, because previously to affect this type of vertigo was only possible with the help of regular treatments in the hospital.

DPPG – recurring short attacks of vertigo that occur when changing the position of the head; sometimes accompanied by nausea, rarely – vomiting. While most suffer from it are women.

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