Sunday , April 5 2020
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As support the business in the context of the pandemic in Germany

Asked a familiar German businessman briefly and only on the facts describe specific measures to support business and employees to date, are implemented in Germany. The Federal state of Berlin. Next quote with a minimum of additions and explanations [in square brackets]: 1. Soforthilfe [“immediate assistance”]. Program to support small …

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The business thinks about death

Many Russian entrepreneurs in a crisis associated with forced idleness and the fall of the ruble, were on the verge of bankruptcy. The Russian President in address to the nation in connection with the spread of the coronavirus has announced the current week outside of working for the Russians at …

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“Five stars” with facilities on the street

The new management has optimized the foreign Ministry “Moskau country club” by the standards of the Russian hinterland It would seem that the only Golf club of domestic foreign policy Department on the basis of the Moscow hotel Moscow Country Club in Nakhabino is bound to be a showcase of …

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