Tuesday , July 14 2020
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The cheapest and effective weapon

  In 1941, Japan had developed the plan, “Kanokwan” involving attack on the Soviet Union on terms consistent with the German plan “Barbarossa”. It was assumed that 10 August 1941, after the capture of Moscow by the Germans, Japan would declare war on the Soviet Union and rapidly defeating the …

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Is there life after isolation?

Isolation measures in Russia are gradually removed, organizations are beginning to return to life. We tried to find out how life has changed for 3 months of isolation, both managed to survive different areas of the business and how they evaluate everything that happened in the future. The theme is …

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Russia is entering Poole sea producers of methanol

Despite coronavirus crisis in Russia continues to implement ambitious projects aimed, primarily, at increasing export potential of the country. In the Arctic, off the coast of Yamal, in the autumn should stand up for production watch the first of the floating plants flotilla “Flatmates”. For methanol as a “fuel of …

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