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Brides of the goat Timur put up a fight

Невесты козла Тимура устроили драку

Goats Merkel and Manka, claiming the title of girlfriend asshole, Timur, fought in the seaside Safari-Park. It is reported on Tuesday, March 8, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The competition for the best friend for goat Timur began in the Safari Park on the morning of 8 March. Timur will have to choose between marianski goat Sairou, Moscow Merkel and Ksusha from Tatarstan.

In addition, the favor of Timur seek local goat Manka, and Lady Asterisk, notes LifeNews. The latter, according to its owners from the private farm of Vladivostok, has already been “married” for Timur before he was taken to a Safari Park to be devoured by a tiger the Amur, and will now seek the return of “spouse”.

The management of the zoo announced a contest for the best goat friend for 29 January. The bride he decided to look for he quickly recovered after a skirmish with the tiger of the Amur.

The history of Timur the goat and the tiger of the Amur river began to be publicized in the media in November last year. Then the predator became friends with the him at the mercy of a goat. After that, the animals quickly gained popularity, appeared own pages in social networks, and on 28 December at the Safari Park promised that the tiger and the goat will be launched reality show.

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