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Bradley Cooper relaxed on the beach with ex-wife Ben Affleck

Брэдли Купер расслабился на пляже с бывшей женой Бена Аффлека

The actress has already met with the daughter of Bradley.

45-year-old American actor Bradley Cooper last year broke up with model Irina Shayk, whom he has a 3-year-old daughter Leah. Along with the crumbs he rested on the beach in Malibu in the company of Hollywood actress Jennifer garner, who recently broke up with her boyfriend John Miller.

Just a few days ago the press started talking about breaking the 48-year-old American actress Jennifer garner with businessman John Miller after two years of the novel. The couple divorced in early 2020, before the outbreak of coronavirus and regime isolation. After the publicity in the media star noticed with a colleague Bradley Cooper and his 3-year-old daughter Leah on the beach in Malibu.

Jennifer garner and Bradley Cooper are good friends. They played a couple in the drama “Alias” almost 20 years ago and have since maintained communication. So, the actor played sports on the beach, and his colleague, together with the daughter built sand castles nearby. Celebrity cute talked and enjoyed each other’s company.

It is worth noting that earlier in the press there were rumours about the novel actors, but neither of them never commented on these assumptions. It is too early to talk about feelings between Jennifer garner and Bradley Cooper. But note that after the divorce with Irina Shayk star not start a serious relationship, and winner of the Golden globe awards finished the novel with John Miller a few months ago.

By the way, ex-boyfriend Jennifer garner paparazzi noticed in the company of ex-wife violinist Caroline Campbell, with whom he parted on the eve of an affair with an actress. Together they raise two children, so journalists have had to assume that the family can be reunited.

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