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Bonus voice: how much did the members of CEC for their work on voting

Бонус за голос: сколько получили члены ЦИК за работу на голосовании

In those regions that “lost job” allowance to the organizers of the vote was reduced or absent.

Interesting figures published by the co-chair of the movement “Golos” Gregory Melkonyants on the website of the organization. It turns out that the CEC members tried at a national vote for the amendments in the Constitution not for the idea, and for very tangible benefits, the size of which they found themselves 2.5 monthly salaries. And this despite the fact that the very same CEC and previously reported size limit of the ratio of surcharge cannot exceed 2, thus making a notable caveat: he can be taller within budget. Yo how not to improve ourselves? It turned out more than 1 million rubles on the brother, that is a member of the CEC, only one Alexander Kinev somehow been deprived, instead of a factor of 2.5, he’s only got a 1.5.

Bonuses not only members of the CEC, but the majority of chairmen of regional election commissions, which also received additional payments with a factor of 2.5, although some of them apparently was “punished” – ten set factor – 2, and two 1. Reason? They become obvious if you look at the final figures of the voting in these regions. The lower the number, the smaller the bonus!


  • Tomsk oblast — the Turnout Of 44.6% / Yes 64,9%
  • Khabarovsk Krai — 44,2% / 62,3%
  • Murmansk oblast — 45,1% / 62,5%
  • Arkhangelsk oblast — 50,6% / 65,8%
  • Kostroma oblast — 51,0% / 67.9% of
  • Sverdlovsk oblast — 51,5% / 66.0% of
  • Magadan region — 55,6% / 62,0%
  • Yaroslavl oblast — 55,7% / 68,3%
  • Nenets Autonomous Okrug is 58.3% / 43,8%


The Chairperson of the Commission of the Nenets Autonomous district, in which amendments said “No”, has awarded factor – 1.

However, it is difficult to explain what “punished” by a factor of 1 the Chairman of the Commission of Buryatia, with a decent turnout and votes “Yes” and factor 2 – the Chairperson of the Commission of the Orenburg region, also showed decent results?



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