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Bank accounts of Russians came under tight control

Банковские счета россиян попали под жесткий контроль

After the pandemic coronavirus and the abolition of the restrictions in the Bank accounts of Russians came under strict control: the tax authorities have started four times more likely to check them out. Reviewers are interested in information about accounts and money accounts of all categories of customers, reports the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

The Association of Russian banks (ADB) emphasize that due to the number of queries banks do not have time to process them fully. The Federal tax service (FTS), in turn, insists that the number of applications is normal, and the growth is connected with resumption of inspections after a period of restrictions due to the coronavirus.

However, experts believe that it is not only a long period of inactivity. “Formed a situation in which the tax authorities have several months of hands were tied, and time goes by, and the targets for the tax authorities has not been canceled”, — explained the lawyer of the law office Forward Legal Fedor Takapuna.

Company now check for schema concealment of funds, and citizens — to obtain informal income. Economists believe that a large number of checks could further hurt and so affected during a pandemic for small and medium businesses. Experts urge them to support the business during the crisis to preserve the stability of the economy.

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