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Authorities Serpukhov pursue the doctor, who discovered the illegal parliamentary payments

Власти Серпухова преследуют врача, раскрывшего незаконные депутатские выплаты

Curiosity with serpuhovskij deputies, three years vpisyvanii yourself the wrong rewards were developed. After the Prosecutor Valery Kukushkin intent to appeal “Amateur” in court and to oblige the deputies to return to 28 million rubles, voluntary assistant attorney declared hunting.

“Novye Izvestia” wrote about how the deputies of the Serpukhov Council of deputies in full force, at least from 2017 to 2020, each month earned yourself a fixed amount to 17 thousand 250 rubles For the whole period racked up 28 million, which the acting Prosecutor Valery Kukushkin has described as illegal enrichment and appealed the decision of the municipal Council of deputies “On the establishment of monthly compensation payments to the deputies,” which made the disbursement of the budget funds. Never in these three years “subsidies” from the administration of the local city Council voted against descending from the administration of decisions was noted.

In March, in comments to “NO” the head of the Prosecutor’s office confirmed the intention to go to court with request to oblige the deputies to return to the city budget of 28 million rubles, which they had written themselves with reference to outside provisions of the law.

One of the first schema with illegal “bonuses” in the Council of deputies of the Serpukhov found the Deputy of the fifth convocation, doctor Sergey Sergeev, who for several months has been trying to bring the case to court and acts as a volunteer assistant prosecutors. The Prosecutor’s office operates less strongly.


– After the story of “illegal premiums”, which in the sight of all for three years wrote a local Duma in full force, including the Chairman, received publicity in the media, I began to exert enormous pressure. Trying to start a criminal investigation, put pressure on the hospital management where I work with my team. The head of the city personally reported me to the police saying that I insult her and not respected as a representative of the authorities! – says ex-Deputy and the doctor Sergey Sergeev.

Offended the head of the Serpukhov Julia Kupetsky, as it turned out, the posts in Facebook. July 2, she personally appealed to the Colonel of police, head of local MU of the MIA of Russia “Serpukhov” Alexander Samohin and asked to “check out” Sergei Sergeyev.


Власти Серпухова преследуют врача, раскрывшего незаконные депутатские выплаты


The head of the Serpukhov Julia Kupetsky offended on her posts in Facebook and asked me to bring the doctor to justice for insulting the authorities.


What are the criminal actions of a senior official saw the doctor? Turns out he’s in the social network Facebook on the page systematically dared “to report illegal acts of corruption by employees of the Administration of Serpukhov”. Data is inexcusable acts, in her view, “showing a clear disrespect for the bodies of state and municipal authorities, and insult the dignity of her representatives.” And also, because of such as citizen Sergeev, undermined public confidence in the authorities, which entails negative consequences, writes in his statement to the police, Julia Kupetsky. At the end of the complaint, the mayor asked the chief of police to deal with this mess, and report on the results of the audit.

Julia Kupetsky calls the “New news” is not the answer.

The collection of evidence, the clerk approached with all responsibility, a long time flipping through Facebook as proof of “crimes” hemmed to your statement posts Sergeeva as many as 20 pages.

Police immediately responded to a request Kupetsky. The investigator called me as soon as Kupetsky filed. Called the employee of a Crime by the surname Nazarov. When we met, I showed attached a printout of my posts, says ex-MP.

– “NO”: What went wrong in your sayings on Facebook?

– All my posts and sayings are illustrative anti-corruption activities, which I have been for many years. The dates of parliamentary powers expired in 2015, but the citizens do not stopped. I go daily calls, emails, chat messages, people talk about their problems, troubles, corruption and hope on my help. How can I help. Investigator I explained that on the page I publish the requests that are sent to various authorities and the replies they get. Today, for example, I have written the application in police with the request to check facts of illegal payments to the deputies, causing damage to the city budget, and, in the case of violations under the Criminal code, to prosecute. I think this part of my job is not so much like the head of Yulia Kupetsky.

– “NO”: Communicating in the ward were in what key, in what atmosphere?

I went on a summer residence of explanations from his lawyer, and all was friendly. The only thing I said I can’t comment on all 20 pages of their posts from Facebook made by the applicant, otherwise it will turn into a weekly meeting of anti-corruption Committee directly at his office and we get out of here and through the week. In General, I explained that I didn’t insult anyone, that the complaint of the mayor – it’s a personal revenge for my activities.

“NO”: why Julia Kupetsky decided to report you if facts you present – the Deputy of illegal payments has already been officially confirmed by the Prosecutor’s office?

Is a slander of despair. The head of the Serpukhov Julia Kupetsky, it became clear to feel looming a threat. When she was about to put his signature to a questionable order, upon which the deputies for three years he bought an illegal prize, she flagrantly violated the law. Today the Prosecutor’s office reveals these corrupt relationships: the administration writes the deputies of the award, and they represent the will of the people and unanimously vote for all that he would ask the administration. Really exciting situation for both parties. Such actions Kupetsky it is pulled into the article 68 of the Charter of the city, which the mayor should actually lose his powers, at least. Here, in fact, all explanations of her attempts against me.

“NO”: That is the official for themselves personally offended, because you are accused of a crime?

– The most ridiculous that the unwillingness to reckon with the law, and it can a banal ignorance (?) already seems to have acquired a systemic character. Well, I have such a senior official as the head of the city, after all, to grasp the essence of lawmaking. Those items for which she asks me to prosecute for insulting the authorities, cannot be used against me in principle. Municipalities in the context of the relevant articles of the code are not public authorities. If I insulted the flag of the Russian Federation, President, anthem and so forth, then I would still be able to incriminate an insult to the authorities, but here we are talking about local government. I do not recall the right to an opinion, the Constitution guarantees me of Russia, the right to report violations of the law and so on.

May 28 answer No. 25Ж-20 city attorney Roman Denisov, meanwhile, re-affirmed that payment of MPs was contrary to the law:

“<…> in the course of earlier conducted by the city Prosecutor’s check it was established that the decision of Council of deputies of the Serpukhov from 21.06.2006 No. 136/17 “About establishment of monthly compensation payments to deputies of Council of deputies of the Serpukhov” contrary to the law, therefore, 18.02.2020 this decision to the city Prosecutor’s office were brought to a protest which was considered and upheld and illegal normative act repealed. In connection with the receipt by the deputies of Council of deputies of the G. O. Serpukhov monthly compensation payments without legal justification currently, the city Prosecutor’s office prepared documents for going to court with a claim for the recovery of municipal budget unduly received money”, – is spoken in the Prosecutor’s letter.

Since February, when former MP openly against the head of Serpukhov, the owners of the premises in the village Bolshevik, where the doctor began to come from the city authorities warnings about the alleged illegal activities.

“Rumor has it that the bump on us due to the fact that you lead such activities,” – said Sergeyev partner. The doctor himself is also confident that the problems the owners have arisen for this reason.

The administration has tested the land and found a violation of town-planning standards: part of the building supposedly stands outside the plot, and the object seemingly does not meet the permitted utilization of the land. Architecture has consented to the trading object, and it settled a medical center, respectively, according to the logic of the authorities, the site is used not for its intended purpose, and, therefore, the whole object is unauthorized construction and tear-down. “Stop using land not for the intended purpose by stopping the implementation of activities for provision of medical services”, – wrote in his letter to the first Deputy head of administration Sergey Magalski.

Lawyers are available to official, nothing more than the pressure can not name. Multifunctional building with an area of 664,7 sq. m. belongs to the owners of the right of ownership. The property was built and commissioned on the basis of permits issued by the administration. The land on which the building is located, also belongs to the owners of the right of ownership. The premises are leased to and used by lessees for the purpose – trade in industrial goods. Dental offices of the company “the Doctor the Max is 64 sq. m, which is less than 10% of all areas of the building. Before the conflict, Sergeyev with the administration of any claim to the owners of the multifunctional center do not arise.

Land, in accordance with the Rules of land use and development is located in a territorial area-1 and, in accordance with clause 5.St.35 of the town planning code of the Russian Federation, the social-business zone (O-1) is just the same intended for placing of objects of health, culture, trade, catering, social and public utility, business, objects of secondary vocational and higher education, administrative, research institutions, religious buildings, Parking lots, road transport, objects of business, financial destination, other objects related to the life of citizens. The arguments the administration of Serpukhov that on the land in the building of the medical center is in violation of the laws, is false, and the requirement for demolition has no legal basis, – enter into lawyers.

– The mayor is not the first time taking revenge on me for that hinder them in their various interesting activities. It all started five years ago, when I, even as a Deputy, tried to understand the intricacies of the appointment of a new mayor Dmitry Zharikov. On the date when the Council has suspended from office the head of the city Paul Zalesova, his duties were fulfilled by the first Deputy Alexey Vorobyov, and he’s acting to transfer authority Zharikova could not, he had no such right, it could only do the head. The purpose Zharikova was contrary to the then existing Charter of the city and the Federal legislation(131 FZ) and can say that generally questioned the legitimacy of the new head. It’s raider seizure of the municipality! – said Sergeyev.

For their awkward questions then the Deputy paid with his job. As head of dentistry he rented space in a government medical Unit №8, where the administration immediately after the scandal made him move out with his entire team.

The city demanded that the subdivisions of the termination of the contract with medical institution, and after persistent requests “Club dentists Doctor” came to an end. The team was disbanded, the organization was abolished, the premises in NFM-8 was cleansed of “undesirable elements”. Dental care to the population on obligatory medical insurance since this place never is.

Driven team doctor Sergeev was renamed OOO “Dr. Max” and moved to the village of Bolshevik. But five years later, history repeats itself… Then the punishment for criticism of the government Sergey Sergeyev took the mandate, this time, it seems, want to take, and professional activities.


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