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Apple described how to avoid overheating of the smartphone in the heat

В Apple рассказали, как избежать перегрева смартфона в жару

IPhone owners should be extremely careful in palamau heat.

Smartphone use in the heat may permanently damage it. Now in Ukraine the temperature in some regions up to 35 degrees in the shade, so it is essential to keep your mobile phone away from direct sunlight.

Apple warns users of mobile devices that too high temperature can “permanently reduce the battery life of iPhone”. Moreover, heating of the case can cause serious problems with the electronics inside the phone, 11 and expensive iPhone is no exception.

“The use of iOS devices in very hot conditions can permanently reduce battery life or cause a change in the device,” according to the Apple support. On hot days the temperature of your iPhone can easily exceed normal operating temperatures, as active cooling in smartphones is not. Also, it is understood that the case is a big heat sink, dissipating heat, so leave the smartphone in the sun is not recommended. Low temperatures can also reduce battery life, so it is not necessary to resort to drastic measures and hide your iPhone in the freezer for rapid cooling.

The recommendation from Apple

Apple announced a few recommendations about what not to do with your iPhone in the heat.

  • It is forbidden to leave iPhone in the car under the sun on a hot day.
  • It is forbidden to leave the device in direct sunlight for a long time.
  • It is forbidden to use demanding applications in the heat: GPS navigation or demanding video games with three-dimensional graphics.
  • It is not recommended to wear the iPhone in a tight case or tight pocket.

In addition, if you suddenly feel that the phone started to heat up, immediately stop to use it or even turn it off. Continued use with strong heating may lead to irreversible consequences in his hardware.

Avoid using resource-intensive applications for a long time. This is especially important for gamers, since gaming applications can very quickly heat up the phone’s CPU. Phones also heat up faster if they actively use the mobile Internet 4G, so it’s best to use Wi-Fi. Also you should avoid a long record video in 4K. During the telephone conversation, the temperature inside of the phone also increases as it heats up from your warm hands. If your phone gets too hot, it can even turn off automatically, leaving you without a connection until cool.

Compliance with all the above recommendations in the heat will help to preserve the performance of your iPhone or any other Android smartphone. Do everything you can to avoid overheating of the smartphone, otherwise you risk to damage the battery or internal electronics of the mobile device.

Why heat damages the battery?

High temperatures can cause irreversible damage to batteries. All because the inside of them contains fluid and chemical reactions occur. When the battery is heated, chemical reactions occur faster, and the liquid inside begins to evaporate, which damages the internal structure of the battery.

Also, this thermal process could cause the battery to be charged at an abnormally high rate, leading to the loss of electrolytes. Over time, this can even shorten the battery life and is expressed in loss of capacity, reducing battery life, and in particularly dire situations, the battery may even swell. Be careful!

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