Friday , September 25 2020
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Again into the breach!

Надо снова в прорыв!

The presidential elections in 2018, and the stunning success of Vladimir Putin. Decrees of may 13 and projects to finish in 2024. The government is chomping at the bit waiting for the start. The people enthusiastically prepared to increase consumption. In General, as we love “Our goals are clear, tasks are defined! For work, comrades!”

But nothing! The government breaks the traces and the wagon of economic neither good nor bad, barely rolling. Stability and positive economic growth pleases Vladimir Putin, and the speed is disappointing. At this rate, not only the coveted fifth rung among advanced economies in the world will not drop, and may in the eighth to slip. Spurt, spurt needed! Breakthrough and breakthrough! But something kept…

Then COVID-19 raided. Not to a breakthrough. What a breakthrough, if it is unclear, how do the survivors of the pandemic will be released? But, like, carried by small losses. Again into the breach. However, as they say, in the same river two times not to urinate. For new inspiration need a new goal. Their Vladimir Putin and determined today in 11 hours 25 minutes by a decree from July 21, 2020.


Goals set five. And it is reasonable. Take, for example, man. If it set a single target, the eye will focus at one point, eyes boil down to the nose and he falls into a stupor. And if many goals as last time, 13 national projects, that dazzled and confused he does not know to which of the goals to come, just marking time in indecision. And five at the time!

Pundits may argue as to why it’s in front of number 13 the eye will diverge, and if the digit 5 does not scatter? Logically, therefore, Vladimir Putin the Decree and postponed the achievement of the objectives from 2024 to 2030! Because when a few points away from the eye at a sufficient distance, the gaze focuses on them as one. Not for nothing do they say that big is seen at a distance.

Yes, and the fifth stage among the leaders of the world economy, Vladimir Putin has been kicked out of goals. Not a boy he’s already to the stairs to jump.


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