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10 unusual features of hotels: the hotels entice customers. Photo

10 необычных «фишек» отелей: чем гостиницы завлекают клиентов. ФотоIn hotels in addition to bed and Breakfast, you can get a variety of additional options.

Almost all the hotels offer a range of options to provide clients with the highest comfort.

But there are of hotels and such that offer a truly extravagant extras. And what is even more strange – there are people who are willing to pay for these sometimes ridiculous services a lot of money.

1. Shelter happy guest

10 необычных «фишек» отелей: чем гостиницы завлекают клиентов. Фото

The title really speaks for itself. The staff at Happy Guest Lodge
(“Shelter happy guest”) to British Warrington really just wants to please every guest of this establishment. Moreover, they even no matter what it may be the only visitor.

The administration provides its clients with a unique service companion in the bedroom in the form of a goldfish. In the room there was a goldfish named “Lucky”, you need to pay an extra £ 5. The hotel staff can boast of such silent company is very popular among the visitors because “this little fish gives the feeling of comfort, happiness and unconditional love.

2. Family pillow fight

10 необычных «фишек» отелей: чем гостиницы завлекают клиентов. Фото

The combination of nostalgia for the fun parties with the comfort of a five star resort sounds like the perfect combination. The Ritz-Carlton has long been known as the best hotel offers several additional services to its guests. However, the Ritz in palm beach, Florida, offers a rather unusual services such as “family pillow”. This option is not cheap ($ 60) and includes provision of the bag with satin pillows, a CD-ROM and book family games that you can play together.

Although the cost of the family pack may seem unnecessarily inflated, the Ritz administration believes that this gives the opportunity for families to bond their ties in an atmosphere of fun and flying around the feathers. The songs on the accompanying CD – ROM are designed to motivate the participants in the battle on the pillows.

3. Vending machines with swimsuits

10 необычных «фишек» отелей: чем гостиницы завлекают клиентов. Фото

Everyone is familiar with the fact that when in a hurry packing, I often forget something important holiday, for example – swimsuit. To avoid such situations when you have to bathe in the buff or frantically rush to find a store, hotel chain Standard Hotel came up with a rather innovative solution – vending machines that sell swimwear.

Vending machines offer bathing suits from famous brands such as Quiksilver, both for men and for women. The swimsuit is available in different sizes and colors. However, it’s not cheap — at least $ 75.

4. Surfing lessons for dogs

10 необычных «фишек» отелей: чем гостиницы завлекают клиентов. Фото

Camp ruff Su Camp at the resort Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa offers a unique opportunity to teach Pets to ride the waves. This camp surf hotel in San Diego specializiruetsya on the fact that it was taught to ride the Board… dogs. The owner of this Academy believes that all dogs can theoretically ride the Board, just need a bit to prepare. The hotel holds an annual dog contest-surfers, in which you can participate dogs of all breeds. Also in Su ruff Camp offers other services for Pets: people who will walk dogs, nanny dogs and even a special menu for Pets, where there are all types of treats.

5. Aroma service

10 необычных «фишек» отелей: чем гостиницы завлекают клиентов. Фото

Providing the perfect aroma for guests is one of the most important aspects in hotels a Rosewood Hotel. In hotels of this network was a smelly service in a truly magnificent manner: on call (at any time of the day) in the room comes the Butler with a silver tray on which are placed the bottles of different perfumes and colognes from leading brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Givenchy and Dior. Interestingly, each property has its own selection of flavors.

6. A bird brings a wedding ring

10 необычных «фишек» отелей: чем гостиницы завлекают клиентов. Фото

The Ashford castle in Ireland for those who plan to ask the most important question in your life, you can use a very unusual service: the wedding ring will bring directly into the hands of the eagle owl named Dingle, who lives in the castle since 1999. Also in the castle there are many other birds because it has a school of falconry.

The package called “Proposal” includes three nights ‘ accommodation for a couples massage for the both, champagne, boat ride, dinner by candlelight, and “services”, the owl. Although the pack is very expensive ($ 2000), it is very popular.

7. Package for haters of Valentine’s Day

10 необычных «фишек» отелей: чем гостиницы завлекают клиентов. Фото

One hotel chain has shown remarkable creativity, providing a romantic package called “I hate Valentine’s Day”. It is specially designed for guests who prefer to enjoy this holiday, and the us. For those who want to celebrate this holiday in solitude, everything was provided in the hotels Night and the Time in new York.

The client will be offered a dinner at one the upmarket restaurant Serafina, which will bring a double shot. If the guest decides that he wants more to stay in a hotel, his room will be configured 24-hour access to “adult entertainment”.

The staff also offers a special training facilities that was named “Love hurts”. This service includes black candles, a box of tissues, two small bottles of tequila, ice cream in unlimited quantities and a wide range of films about the breakup. In the morning the hotel staff offers its guests Breakfast in bed and a few books on self-improvement.

8. “The best man” for the groom

10 необычных «фишек» отелей: чем гостиницы завлекают клиентов. Фото

The service at the Wild Dunes Resort in South Carolina ensures that the groom will not be left without a companion in the most important day. The hotel insists on the fact that the groom need time to devote to the bride. Thus, the “best man” is the one that best free the groom from the worries before the wedding and during it. Service costs: $ 150 per hour, $ 650 for half day $ 1000 for full day and $ 2000 for the weekend.

9. Personal oxygen device

10 необычных «фишек» отелей: чем гостиницы завлекают клиентов. Фото

Although the air in Boston is not as polluted as in many other major cities around the world, it doesn’t stop Boston hotel Revere Hotel from the sale of personal oxygen devices to its visitors. Is this 18-inch “spin the bottle” with oxygen $ 40, and will be enough for a full 40 breaths. A small bottle of oxygen will easily fit in any bag and ideal for exploring the city.

10. The robot staff

10 необычных «фишек» отелей: чем гостиницы завлекают клиентов. Фото

Technology today surprise people at every turn. For example, in the hotel Henn-na in Japan working team of robots that populate the guests, carry Luggage to room and even make coffee. These humanoid robots known as “actroid” and very similar to young Japanese girls. They even imitate their gestures, facial expressions and speech. These robots even fairly most likely giggle at the comments of the guests and “speak” in four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

Humanoid robots was established in Osaka University and manufactured by Kokoro company (which owns the license for the brand Hello Kitty). Robots are even equipped with special software that allows them to feel the mood of the visitor.

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